The Who

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“Jesus asked them, ‘But who do you say that I am?'” (Mark 8.29)

To get the answers your heart desires, you need to be asking the right questions. Not because God is cruel, but because He’s not. Our minds may not be able to fully process the answer to “Why, God?”. Not here, at least. If you get fixated on knowing why, you can get stuck at one point in time, never able to move on. God wants you to go on. He wants to show you how to live and love and grow no matter what has happened. The best question I’ve found to begin moving again is asking Him, “Who do You want to be for me?”

Knowing who God wants to be for you right now is one of the primary ways you grow in your identity in Christ, because it’s one of the primary ways He deals with the issues of your heart. Let’s say you’re fighting anxiety and stress. Everywhere you turn you’re getting frustrated emotionally, relationally, physically, spiritually. God loves to use for good what the enemy meant to use to harm you. He will turn what seems like a drain on your peace into an exponential increase, not just to cope with your circumstances, but to completely transform them by transforming you. He begins to upgrade your peace by giving you opportunity after opportunity to trust Him to be your peace in deeper ways than you ever experienced before.

He’s trying to teach you right now to intentionally look for who He is revealing Himself to be in your life, so that being aware of His presence becomes not just second nature, but your first. A mind set on recognizing Him regardless of your circumstances is the perfect way to deal with them, and the quickest way to becoming who He sees you as.

In whatever He is demonstrating Himself- hope, kindness, joy, wisdom, faithfulness, patience, honor, determination, grace, love- embrace every chance to receive it, and every opportunity to give it away. He’s growing you, not containing you. Each part of His nature and character that He is revealing to you is building you into the incredibly powerful, brilliant person that He sees in you.

So who do you think God wants to be for you right now?

5 Replies to “The Who”

  1. wow! what an awesome post!
    circumstances sometimes scream and try to dictate what’s going on, but this really helps put it in perspective a little better…
    this is a great reminder and hopefully will shake me into realizing it’s truth 😉
    thanks for always being an amazing cheerleader to those of us who read your dynamite blog!
    blessings 🙂

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