Voting for Love

I’ve spent much of my life researching spiritual subjects. I think every believer should learn all he or she can about God, both through ongoing experience and life–long study.

I’m also interested in politics. I majored in political science and history. The only opportunity to vote I’ve missed was a primary when I was fighting cancer. I think every citizen should steward freedom by being an informed political participant, no matter how bizarre the electoral process has become.


I don’t believe that when I stand before Jesus, he will interrogate me about religious doctrines or politics. I believe he will ask me what I did with all the love he invested in me.

Without love, the spiritual heart makes an idol of religious rules. Without love, a heart of sincere political service becomes selfish, corrupt, and cruel.

“Don’t owe anything to anyone, except your outstanding debt to continually love one another, for the one who learns to love has fulfilled every requirement of the law” (Romans 13:8).

“God is love. Therefore, love” (Henry Drummond).

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