Watch and See

“My heart was barely awake when my love knocked at the door. He wanted me to go on an adventure with him, but I hesitated because I’d gone to bed. He tried to open the door, but I’d locked it. Alone in the dark, I finally realized how foolish I was being, and what an amazing opportunity he was giving me. I got up to see if he was still there, but he’d already started the journey” (Song of Songs 5:2-6, paraphrase).

I’ve heard a lot in the last few years about God raising up “watchers.” That may be so; I think that’s something he does in every generation. But we’ve made the word “watch” so much about what the enemy is doing, or trying to do, or will be able to do if we don’t perform well enough. I think watching is infinitely more about recognizing what God is saying and doing in your life, not what the enemy is lying about.

No matter how much you have to deal with, you get to watch Jesus show you the best way through it all. Awaken your heart fully by looking for him in all your circumstances, and responding to all he’s saying about who he wants to be for you in them. Discover how he’s blessing and equipping you to be joyously brilliant with the journey in front of you.

“Lord, you’ve turned a searchlight on for me. You are my revelation, my light in the darkness, and in your brightness I can see the path ahead. With you as my strength I can crush the enemy, breaking through every stronghold in my way. Through you I can leap like a deer to the highest peaks of your glory, to stand with you in heavenly places” (Psalm 18:28, 29, 33, TPT, paraphrase).

One Reply to “Watch and See”

  1. Yes. I agree. Watch the Lord, what He’s doing. That is what Jesus did. He heard the Father and did what He saw the Father do.
    The same is true about the book of Revelation. People focus on the Beast, the Number, and all connected to that. But what the Book is about is Jesus. Focus on Jesus, because all of it is about Him. Revelation reveals the Lord.
    Watch and pray.

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