With All Your Heart

“When I’m overwhelmed . . . teach me, O Lord, how to live in awareness of your truth. Unite my heart—join the pieces together with yours—so I can see how awesome you really are . . . how compassionate, full of grace, patient, loving, kind, and faithful” (Psalm 86:7, 11-12, paraphrase).

When your heart breaks, you learn to either glue it together with sheer will and duct tape, or stuff it all in a heart–shaped box and pretend it’s healed.

God’s invitation to you is not only to put the pieces together again, but to join them to his heart. That’s what that word “unite” means—to put all the pieces of your heart into his, so you can really know who he is for you, and who you are in him. Instead of seeing your circumstances from your brokenness, You see them from his wholeness, love, and truth.

Jesus, I know you deeply love everyone who has a broken heart, including those who’ve locked theirs away so long they can barely feel your presence. I pray they’d no longer be overcome by pain, lies, and fear, but transformed in your healing, truth, and grace. Join their hearts to yours until they’re as whole as your love for them. Amen.

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