Renewed to Life

The foundation of repentance isn’t how hard you pray and seek forgiveness, it’s how greatly you are loved by God.

The word “repent” isn’t supposed to be a controlling, religious word. To the contrary, it’s an empowering, liberating covenant of love between you and Jesus that he won for you on the cross. It’s a part of grace which helps you recognize when you’re thinking opposite of him, and enables you to turn around and let him transform the way you see, process, and respond to your circumstances. Repentance is the beginning of renewing your mind, allowing God to fill in any gaps of anxiety, bitterness, and fear with joy, peace, and his unshakable love.

Breathe. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Ask Jesus to show you any areas of your life you’ve kept away from his grace. Ask forgiveness for trying to do things your way, and forgive those you’ve been judging for doing things their way. See yourself placing every negative thought you’ve had in his hands, and in return, receiving every amazing thought he has about you.

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