Stepping into Life

It was wrong in so many ways, and hurt you deeply. It should never have happened. But now it’s up to you to not let it keep happening. Don’t give it any more power—starve it by forgiving. Even if they don’t care, forgive. Release them from your judgment, and you’ll set yourself free from their sin against you. Begin to heal the damage by allowing yourself to soak in what God is saying to you, instead of surrendering to the pain.

Lately, it may seem like you’ve been taking two steps back for every step forward, but those steps back are right into Jesus’ arms. This is a brand new day. You are new. You are not defined by lies, wounds, failures, and rejections. He is healing, equipping, and teaching you how to go confidently in the right direction. With every step you take today, God is transforming you in his love, grace, joy, and power.

“I am the Lord who heals you” (Exodus 15:26).

One Reply to “Stepping into Life”

  1. Rob, thank you so much for this post! Wow how it hit the mark in my soul! These words are right from the Father God’s mouth! I receive them and believe them!

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