The Greatest of These

I’ve officiated many weddings over the years, and most have had a reading from 1 Corinthians 13. It gets quoted so often, it’s lost its meaning for many. But after all we’ve been through over the years, it means more to me than ever. This is my version. So far.

“Love does not lose heart. It perseveres patiently and bravely through trials and offenses.

Love is kind. It does what is needed to bring grace and wholeness to someone’s life.

Love is not jealous. Its desires are to see others grow and succeed and prosper.

Love is not arrogant or dishonoring. It creates an atmosphere that humbly invites and empowers others to experience it.

Love is demonstrated out of a pure heart and vision.

Love doesn’t get buried under fear and anxiety.

Love is not pushed aside by anger, and does not let the imagination be overrun by evil thoughts.

Love does not rejoice when others are suffering from lies, but celebrates when others are set free by truth.

Love is a cover over a wound, helping to bear the pain and heal quickly.

Love believes what the mind cannot.

Love hopes when experience says to quit.

Love gives you the endurance to go forward when you feel too weak for another step.

Love never fails when you stay inside it.”

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