Empowered to Love

You’re responsible for the love you’ve been given. You can bury it in a metaphorical hole to keep from being hurt and rejected. Or, you can risk investing love in people regardless of who they are, or what they’ve done so far.

What separates the fearful from the risk takers is how they view love. The fearful see love as finite and perishable. What little they have is drained away with every emotional effort, and the fear of further loss embitters the love that’s left.

But the courageous of heart know love doesn’t come from what they’ve earned, or hide away in their hearts. Their source is God himself, who never stops delighting to invest greater measures of love into them the more they give away.

If one of your goals this year is to love more like Jesus, then begin by asking him to show you his love for you—how unceasingly good, kind, merciful, patient, and joyful he is toward you. Let that revelation overwhelm every fear and offense, heal your wounds, and make you completely confident in who you are, and in all you’re empowered to give away.

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