Let There Be Light

“God is Light.” Not, “God is like light,” or “God has a light.” And not, “God light—now with 50% less commandments.” God IS light. When he spoke the words, “Let there be light,” he wasn’t just speaking the universe into being, he was speaking his being into the universe. It’s easy to forget that if you’re in a difficult season. You can get so overwhelmed, it feels like you’re drowning, until life feels anything but light.

His light isn’t just physical, it’s part of the spiritual DNA of every one of his children. Part of your DNA. And that light drives away despair, lies, confusion, and exhaustion, and restores hope, truth, peace, and joy. His light helps you to see what step to take next. As his son or daughter, you get to say, “let there be light” to your mind, heart, and all you’re facing.

Focus on God’s love for you. Recognize every good thing he’s been doing in your life. Allow his goodness and grace to wash over all the darkness that’s been in your thoughts and emotions. Read the Psalms until you find one that sparks life and truth into your soul. Then say it with him, into every part of your identity, into every corner of your spirit, soul, and body: “Let there be light.”

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