System Restore

When you restore your computer, you don’t need to set it back to its factory settings, you just need to reset it to a time before the problem began. So it is with you. When your circumstances trigger anxiety, fear, confusion, anger, sadness—don’t default to old ways of coping. Some try to control everyone and everything, and explode at every little thing. Others shut down or self-medicate.

When you’re in Christ—when Christ is in you—you truly have a new nature. You are no longer an insecure person. You have been truly transformed. Your default position, your reset button, is no longer that of an overwhelmed child. It’s that of a fully-loved, fully-capable, fully-empowered son or daughter of God. When you do react to difficult situations with old habits and thought patterns, when you’ve got malware-brain, you can quickly step back into your true identity in Jesus to deal with the situation brilliantly.

Start this day, or restore it, by asking God how he sees you, your relationships, and your circumstances. Thank him at every revelation of his goodness, kindness, healing, and love toward you, until the old thoughts give way to your new life.

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