Solving the Problem

So who remembers PEMDAS from math class? “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” is a mnemonic for the order in which you’re supposed to do mathematical operations: First Parentheses and Exponents, then Multiplication and Division, and finally Addition and Subtraction. A lot of those Facebook math quizzes that get re-posted are PEMDAS problems.

What about a kind of PEMDAS for life’s problems? Your life isn’t as simple as an equation, but regardless how difficult the problem you’re facing is, God is always for you, always with you, and always ready to guide you through the process. If you’d like, think of it something like this:

Let’s call it getting a GRIP:

Gratitude—Turn your heart and mind toward him by thanking him for every good thing in your life. Trade him your anxieties for a greater awareness of his presence.

Revelation—Ask God to reveal who he wants to be for you in your situation—what part of his character and nature he wants you to experience and share through this.

Identity—Ask him how he sees you, and if there’s anything he wants to deal with in you on the way to becoming that amazing person. When you know who you are, your circumstances won’t be able to define you.

Power—Finally, ask him the best ways to deal with all your circumstances. He will empower you to bravely face and brilliantly resolve every relationship, problem, and opportunity in his love, wisdom, and grace. There is no problem you have to deal with alone. If you’re in Christ, then all your problems are too.

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