“There were those . . . who set out to discourage them, and make them too afraid to go on building” (Ezra 4:4).

The word used for “afraid” in this verse doesn’t just mean frighten. It means to cause someone’s mind to be completely shut down in fear. It means to terrorize people to the point they forget who they are, and whose they are. In Daniel 7:25, it similarly says of the enemy, “he will arrogantly blaspheme the Most High, to oppress and wear down his people.”


You’re not a victim, not insignificant, and you’re not a failure. You are not powerless or worn out. You’re not constrained by past sin or present pain, and you haven’t missed your moment, no matter how hard the enemy has lied to you, or about you.

You’re the son or daughter of the Creator of the universe. You’re the embodiment of his love—a new person, completely transformed by your faith in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. You’re an heir of his grace, wisdom, and power, one who can distinguish between the heart of God and the lies of the enemy. In every circumstance and relationship, you’re healing, learning, growing, and thriving as you live in his presence. You’re empowered to move forward in confidence, overwhelming hate with love, chaos with peace, and loss with joy.

The dreams, goals, and plans you’re partnering in with God are amazing, powerful, and transforming, and you’re just getting started. Don’t let enemy slow you down one bit today.

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