Just a thought—

There’s a deep desire in many people for authenticity—in relationships, government, media, and in spirituality. I believe it’s a God thing, a particular grace released to the world which can open doors to Jesus in ways religious traditions can sometimes obscure. But you can’t be authentic with others if you don’t know who you really are. I see so many taking on the groupthink of political, educational, business, and religious organizations, but those aren’t identities. They’re masks.

Taking the mask off won’t help if it’s only an act of will. You might see things differently for a while, but the same fears that wanted the protection of the last mask will eventually demand another. Removing it permanently is an act of worship. It’s an ongoing acknowledgement in every part of your soul that you’re a son or daughter of God who gets to have your Father’s blessing, a continuous grace that speaks love, joy, peace, confidence, and purposefulness into who you truly are in God.

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