Extra Large Fries

Last night, I had a dream of sitting with Jesus, eating French fries (or chips, if you prefer) with ketchup. They were the best ever. He looked at me and said, “Really good, huh?” I nodded enthusiastically. He picked one up and said, “Ketchup—totally my idea.”

I wondered about the ketchup thing, and looked up its history. According to National Geographic, in 1812, James Mease, a horticulturist, was the first person who wrote down a ketchup recipe with tomatoes, which he called “love apples.”

I know how silly this may seem to most, but I feel God is saying to someone that you’re his most brilliant idea. Your very existence makes Jesus ecstatically happy. No matter how you’ve been judging yourself, or what others have said to you or about you, you are as amazing as French fries, and you’re completely covered in the most incredible love ever. Your life in God is delicious.

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