Begin, or restart, your day by asking God who he wants to be for you right now. Then, look for all the opportunities he gives you to step into that part of his nature.

I know I write and say this a lot. Like, a lot. But asking God this focuses me on listening for his voice like nothing else, and prepares my heart to grow in his love, and my mind to transform in his grace.

In John 6, Jesus demonstrated God as provider, feeding over 5,000 from a handful of bread and fish. Later, he invited them to walk further into that revelation, beyond just physical resources to knowing him as their bread of life. Deeper yet, he invited the disciples to receive him through communion at the last supper.

Who does God want to be for you today?What part of his character is he growing in you to deal with your circumstances? How does he see you, and how do you see him?

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