The High Ground

Just a thought . . .

The real high ground isn’t a morally superior position from which you can justify your judgments of others, and comment on social media as God’s enforcer. The high ground is wherever Jesus is inviting you to walk with him. Sometimes it’s a mountain top experience, and other times a journey through a dark valley. The high ground is his kingdom, his reality, from which you’re able to view your life and relationships as he does.

The enemy spends much of his resources trying to tempt, deceive, frighten, and bully you to step down from the high ground, to judge yourself and others in your own righteousness, because that’s the hellish realm he has influence in. But the true high ground is the mind of Christ, with which you can love those who reject and condemn you. It’s the grace of God, with which you can forgive and bless those who despise and use you.

The high ground is your table in the wilderness. It’s your refuge, an oasis where you can meet with Jesus at any time. It’s where he heals, equips, and trains you to overcome the enemy, and become a guide for anyone looking for their high ground.

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