I know there are goals, tasks, and challenges requiring your attention today. But no matter what they are, or how they turn out, these temporary assignments can’t be allowed to dictate how you think and feel about yourself, God, or anyone else.

When I let busyness cloud God’s voice, and I can’t hear how he sees me, who he wants to be for me right now, and how he wants to deal with my circumstances, I end up stressing through the day, usually getting frustrated and drained. But when I do take time with him, I come away genuinely empowered to live in his love, joy, peace, wisdom, and faith.

Remind yourself—as often as it takes until you believe it—there is nothing you can perform well enough to make God love you more, and nothing you can screw up so badly that his love for you is lessened. He loves you because he loves you because he loves you. We all want to do everything well, but even if you fail at everything you try, God loves you utterly and completely, and nothing will change that.

I know we all have circumstances that require our best efforts. But what a difference there is between reacting to life and intentionally engaging it. Make your focus on completing the challenges in front of you secondary to your awareness of all God is blessing, training, equipping, and loving you with as you do it. You’ll accomplish so much more, and genuinely enjoy the journey on the way.

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