Make this a different kind of “Throwback Thursday.” It’s easy to rehearse what’s stressing you, or to dwell on everything that’s gone wrong, or not happened as you wanted. Instead, take a few minutes to think about the ways God has shown you how much he loves you throughout your life.

People may make stupid or evil decisions, circumstances can get difficult, and I may fail. Repeatedly. But I’ve always experienced God’s love through his incredible kindness and goodness since I was a child. Even if I’m stressed, I know I can bring myself to a place of peace by remembering how good he’s been to me, and by looking for his kindness to me regardless of what’s going on.

Think about how he’s loved you. Think about it the until the memories and revelations fill your mind and heart, bringing you to a place of genuine peace and joy.

“But then I remember all you’ve done, O Lord. And I will keep your wonderful words and works in my thoughts constantly” (Psalm 77:11-12).

What’s one way God has shown you his love you can share to encourage others ?

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