Be Living

How you live comes from your beliefs about yourself and your circumstances (okay, not a major revelation, but it’s early). So, what do you really believe—about yourself, your family, your job, your future? What do you truly believe about who God wants to be for you?

I may think I trust God, love people, and have hope for the future, but my words and actions will show what I really believe. Instead of rising to meet the day with joy at what possibilities may arise, I steel myself against what difficulties there may be. Instead of seeing who others have the potential to become in God and treating them with love and honor, I focus on their faults and failures and distance myself from them in fear and cynicism.

Your beliefs come from agreeing or disagreeing with the thoughts that come to you every moment of the day. So, being aware of what God is thinking is everything. You can’t afford to have a thought about yourself that God doesn’t have about you.

Right now, ask Jesus who he wants to be for you. Ask him how he sees you, your relationships, and your circumstances. Agree with his love, grace, healing, truth, peace, joy, and wisdom for you in all of it, and you’ll live this day brilliantly.

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