Mighty Warrior

Gideon was alone, fearful, and self-piteous, describing himself as the least important person of the weakest family in Israel. But when the angel of the Lord came to him, he said, “God is with you, mighty warrior!” (Judges 6:12).

God sees the answers to your present circumstances in light of who you are in him, not in the failures and fears you’ve habitually dredged up from your past. Believing in Jesus means he’s dealt with who you used to be at the cross. He relates to you now as a new creation, and every situation—even the really difficult ones—are opportunities to grow into all he says the new you is capable of becoming. Even the challenge you’re facing now is an invitation to see, agree with, and live in God’s amazing view of you. That’s the person who is more than enough for every challenge.

Start, or restart, your day by asking God how he sees you. Stay here until his peace strengthens your heart and renews your mind. Let him encourage and equip you with all you need for your next step. The difficulty you’ve had getting here means it’s probably an important one. But there’s nothing to fear. You were born for this, and this is your time, mighty warrior.

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