Poet Warrior

James 1:22 reads, “be doers of the word, and not just hearers, deceiving yourselves.” The author could have chosen from several different words for “doer” that mean work, achieve, or accomplish. But he chose “poietes,” the word for poet.

Does that change how you see this verse? Your life is an epic song, and every day you get to add to the verses with God. Like David, the warrior–poet, who conquered giants with stones and kings with grace, liberated and empowered the oppressed, and wrote love songs to the Lord that transform lives thousands of years later. That’s what you get to do, and more.

God is inviting you to live his word, not just have an opinion about it. “Be poets of the word, not just spectators, cheating yourselves.” You cheat yourself by agreeing with the lie you deserve a lesser life than the epic adventure Jesus has won for you.

Every day is a blank page, ready for a new chapter and verse. Write a good one today.

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