Stay on Target

In the allegory, “Hinds’ Feet on High Places,” the main character, Much Afraid, learns to trust the Shepherd with her whole heart. She perseveres beyond her own name, and is completely transformed, becoming Grace and Glory.

She knows her companions on the difficult path as Sorrow and Suffering. Though she often resents them, they’re always faithful, and help her through the toughest parts of her journey. After she has changed, she’s able to see them for who they really are: Joy and Peace.

The pain and frustration you’ve been experiencing aren’t an allegory. But they’re also not in control of your thoughts and feelings. They’ve hurt you, but they’re not who you are. You’re still in charge of deciding if the anxious anger they’ve been offering you will become your defensive mindset, or whether pain and frustration will become the targets of your joy and peace.

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