You gave in to fear, hate, and pain. You let your thoughts and feelings go to a dark and isolated place. But you’re going to be okay—as long as you don’t stay here. Break off the enemy’s lie that you have to live here as punishment, or because it’s all you deserve. Never allow him to control what you think and feel.

God isn’t sentencing you to some spiritual or emotional prison, nor will he ever. The cell is unlocked, and he’s waiting at the door to lead you out of here. You’re his child, and that never changes, regardless of how you judge yourself. He loves you beyond human understanding, and can’t love you less. It’s who he is.

The enemy has been wanting to steal that certainty of God’s love from you. He’ll attack your sense of awe and wonder, until you forget what it’s like to love—and be loved—as a child. He wants to make you as cynical, negative, and bitter as he is.

Let your Father’s love—and with it, his grace, peace, joy, kindness, and hope—displace the darkness. No matter what lies have been thrown at you, you’re not supposed to be here. You are not a rejected and forgotten failure, slowly dying of self-loathing.

You are, in fact, the opposite. You’re the one who chooses God’s faith, hope, and love, in the face of the enemy’s attacks of despair, rejection, and fear. You’re someone who lives in thankfulness, regardless of what’s happened, or not happened. You see the best in others, forgive quickly, and love unconditionally.

You’re determined to embrace, explore, and enjoy life. In fact, you’re so full of love and life, you overflow them until the enemy can’t stand to be around you, because you’re such an annoyingly joyful and peaceful child of God. In Jesus, you’re too powerful to silence, manipulate, or imprison.

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