Wait Right Here

“Wait” is no one’s favorite word. As far as fruits of the Spirit go, patience is rarely ever mentioned along with love, joy, peace, and kindness. Based on popularity, if patience were a food, it would probably be a rutabaga; it takes a long time to get right, and even when it’s available, no one really wants it anyway.

However, patience is actually one of your greatest gifts. When you read, “wait on the Lord,” it doesn’t mean you’re on your own until God has time for you, or you need to just push down the pain and fake a smile. It means you’re invited to wrap yourself in God’s presence, and let his voice of encouragement and hope overwhelm every other voice of fear and disappointment. Patience is the state in which you’re empowered to surround yourself in his unyielding love for you, even when you don’t yet know what the next step is.

When you give your unresolved relationships and circumstances to God as you wait with him, he gives back to you a deeper love, a greater peace, a more powerful joy, and a kindness that transforms your entire perspective. Patience makes superfruits of all the others.

If you’ve tried being patient on your own, it’s usually frustrating and draining. But God is inviting you to live so powerfully in him, no situation or person is able to steal from your life. He wants to teach you to thrive so much in his presence, every situation needing patience gives you strength, confidence, and unyielding joy.

“Wait with the Lord patiently. Let him encourage and strengthen your heart until you’re ready to take the next step” (Psalm 27:14, paraphrased).

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