“God alone is my rock.

He is my salvation, and my fortress.

I won’t be shaken greatly.

I will keep my heart and mind set

in quiet confidence, for he is my hope.

God alone is my rock.

He is my salvation, and my fortress.

I will not be shaken”

(Psalm 62:2,5-6).

Psalm 62 begins with David confessing that although he believes God is strong, he’s still overwhelmed by all he’s dealing with. “I won’t be shaken—much.” If you read the whole psalm, you’ll see David’s frustration with people who so easily accept and pass on lies spoken against him. They say nice things, but behind his back they curse him. We’ve all felt how painful and debilitating betrayal and lies can be.

But then David focuses on who God is. He silences the anxiety, stress, and frustration by opening himself to how truly awesome and wonderful he is. Hope is the expectation of experiencing the goodness of God. That shift in his heart and mind upgrades how he sees God as his rock, his salvation, and his ultimate defense. He repeats those lines, I believe this time with a confident internal conviction. He finds himself not shaking at all.

This is the upgrade for anyone experiencing an overwhelming situation—as you bring all your confusion, pain, anger, and fear to Jesus, you can exchange it for revelations of his peace, joy, grace, and love, which will completely transform how you see God, yourself, and your circumstances. When things are difficult, every opportunity you take to look for his presence is upgrading your ability to bring yourself to a place of peace and wisdom. Every time you choose to set your heart and mind in his goodness, you’re growing in joy and strength. From feeling helpless, hurt, and isolated, God is making you powerful, whole, and brilliant.

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