You See?

Religion often teaches we need to beg God to visit us, and we have to behave well enough and long enough for him to fix the problems we can’t. That rarely goes well. When we judge ourselves unworthy of living in his presence, we end up medicating areas of our lives we can’t fix on our own, and shutting down the ones we can’t deal with.

Jesus changed everything. You don’t have to go to the temple and sacrifice to get God’s attention and approval. Because Jesus made himself the ultimate sacrifice, you are the temple. God doesn’t maybe show up when you’re desperate enough. From the moment you asked him into your life, he’s never left you, and never will.

Everyone loves the part in The Lion King where Rafiki tells Simba his father lives in him. It resonates with you because the Spirit of your heavenly Father lives in you, too. And he’s ready right now to brilliantly deal with every relationship and circumstance in your life, and to powerfully transform the way you think, feel, and live along the way.

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