Grace, Grace

In Zechariah 4, an angel brings encouragement from God to a man who is completely overwhelmed. He tells him to stop focusing on dealing with his difficult circumstances in his own strength, and instead see and overcome them with God’s Spirit. He then tells him something strange—to shout “grace, grace” at the impossible in order to see it accomplished.

Declaring grace over all you’re facing isn’t some kind of secret Bible code to magically fix everything. But it isn’t hyperbole, either. Grace is God’s empowering and equipping presence in your life. Speaking “grace, grace” is resting in the grace he’s giving to deal with your circumstances brilliantly, and growing in the grace he’s giving to become all he sees in you.

When you have a moment alone with God, take a slow, deep breath. With your first “grace,” give all your circumstances to him, including all worry, frustration, and bitterness you’ve attached to them. And with the second “grace,” receive from him all the faith, hope, peace, joy, and love you need to see who he wants to be for you right now, and who you’re becoming every time you live in, and give away, his amazing grace.

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