For Someone

Perhaps for someone besides me—I feel like God’s saying he knows you’re tired, and how futile some days have seemed. But he’s encouraging you to strengthen yourself in him, by letting him love you through your exhaustion, frustration, and uncertainty.

He’s saying to not give up looking for the answers you’ve been after, even the ones you haven’t even been able to define. He’s not being cruel by hiding them, just the opposite. In the adventure of your search for answers with him, he’s been strengthening, training, and blessing you to fully live them.

“Suddenly, their spiritual eyes were opened, and they could see Jesus. He had been with them the entire time. He then disappeared right in front of them, and they exclaimed to each other, ‘How could we not recognize him? Weren’t our hearts burning within us as he talked and taught us the scriptures along the way?'” (Luke 24:31–32).

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