I have faced this wall before. There is no door. It’s too high and sheer to climb over. It’s endlessly long, and I can’t go around it. I cannot get through it. I’ve tried, over and over, and each time walked away in frustration and despair.

But, this time seems different somehow. Rather than attacking it with the little strength I have left, I close my eyes and listen. At first, all I can hear is the wind against the wall, mocking me.

Then, a quiet voice, resonating in my heart, and then my head. The voice reminds me who he is, and who I am in him. The words are healing, encouraging, strengthening. I feel whole, peaceful, and finally, unafraid. He whispers to my soul, “Speak to the wall.”

I say what I know in my heart to be true. I speak from his presence, from the peace and strength I feel from him: “In Jesus’ name—”

As I speak his name, I can see-hear-feel what he’s been saying about the barrier in front of me. And I finally choose to agree:

“You are broken.”

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