In case anyone needs a little perspective today:

You’re meant to be here. Despite the hits you’ve taken, the bad choices you’ve made, and uncertainties you’ve had about yourself, you’re exactly right for this time and place.

Never let any bad that’s happened prevent you from living all God says is possible. Compared to his love for you, those things are millions of miles away. He loves you beyond words, and beyond time. He knew you before the world began, and he’s so excited you’re finally here, at your perfect moment.

The journey can sometimes be painful and difficult. But he will never leave you, and he will always, always love you. He will heal your heart, renew your mind, and strengthen you to live more powerfully than whatever tries to limit you. In the vastness of the cosmos, you may be infinitesimally small, but his love for you makes you the center of the universe.

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