Agreeing with Truth

If the truth sets you free, then lies hold you captive. What lie have you been agreeing with that’s been holding you back from becoming all God sees you as?

Don’t quit. Don’t give in to whatever has been lying to you. Your feelings and circumstances are real, but they don’t get to define your identity, unless you let them. They’re certainly not what God sees when he looks at you. He knows every negative thought you’ve had about everything you’re facing, but he still sees you as the person you’re capable of becoming in him. You are his child, and therefore can be as peaceful, confident, joyful, and free as your Heavenly Father.

You are so loved, more than you’ve allowed yourself to imagine. I’m praying you’ll allow his love to transform how you see yourself, your relationships, and your circumstances, until no lie can keep you from being who God says you are.

“Don’t submit your heart to this world. Let God transform you into a new person by renewing your mind and changing how you think. Then you’ll learn his will for you, which is always good, pleasing, and completes you” (Romans 12:2).

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