Thoughts Worth Having

You can’t afford to think differently about yourself than God does. Your circumstances and feelings are real, but pain, loss, fear, and anyone else’s opinions of you don’t get to define who you are unless you let them. You’re the completely loved child of God, and you get to live confidently, powerfully, joyfully, and free, no matter what’s going on, or who’s judged you concerning it.

Allow his love, grace, and truth into every thought you have about yourself. Let them transform you to see yourself, your relationships, and your world with all the peace, hope, and joy he does. With every decision you make in agreement with how God sees you, you’re becoming more of the person he says you can be. So don’t quit. Don’t give in. You aren’t going to react to life today. You’re going to respond to his.

“Don’t conform to how everyone else thinks. Become transformed by renewing your thoughts and feelings” (Romans 12:2).

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