The Next Step

For those going through overwhelming circumstances—please don’t give up. I don’t mean to oversimplify very difficult things. But then again, maybe that’s what we all need—to simply decide to go on, determining to live in what God says is possible, no matter how we feel about the circumstances that have been trying to break us. We all want answers, but sometimes there just aren’t any satisfactory ones to be found, and the only good thing we can do is to take another step.

“The Lord directs and provides for every step of those who have a valiant heart. He delights in them on their journey. They may fall down, but they will never be cast aside. The Lord holds upholds them with his hand” (Psalm 37:23-24, paraphrase).

If I’m stuck in my own anxious thoughts, this psalm doesn’t answer my questions. But if I hear it with my heart, it’s a promise from God: “I am with you—take my hand, and walk this way with me.”

We think we’re most capable when we have all the answers. But often, the more we try to figure everything out, the more confused, frustrated, discouraged, and overwhelmed we get. We’re really at our strongest when we lean on his strength.

What you need to know more than anything else right now is that you are loved, you are not alone, and there is a next step to take with him. He has all the peace, wisdom, joy, and courage you need to be more than powerful enough for all the circumstances you’re facing.

If you look up Psalm 37, your version probably says, “the steps of a good or godly man.” But that word “man” is unique. It means one who is a valiant fighter, or capable of becoming one. Take his outstretched hand, valiant one, and then take the next step with him.

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