If you resent your life in some way, holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries can make you feel worse. Resentment is the result of judgment, sometimes rooted in blaming others for your troubles, but more often it’s against yourself, for opportunities and relationships missed or failed.

Ungodly judgment corrupts your mind, and callouses your heart. That’s why you see some people who have a lot of money who are still just miserable.Their mindsets make it impossible to be content. In their bitterness, there’s never enough, and what they do have is always in danger of being taken away. So how do you heal, change, and prevent that?


I know that may seem religious and trite, and you may not feel like it. Please do it anyway. Break through the walls of offense, regret, and self-pity by first asking God to forgive you for judging others, circumstances, and yourself. Then bless yourself spiritually, emotionally, physically, relationally, financially, and every other ally he points out. Bless your life to come into alignment with who he says you are, and what he shows you is possible. Then take whatever the next step is to go there with him.

Bless others. Everyone. Love, encourage, and support those closest to you, and those you’ve just met. Bless your job, or your search for one. Bless every home, store, school, governmental building, and church you enter with God’s presence and your peace. Bless those who might never bless you back. They may never change, but if you keep doing it, you’ll become free, confident, and purposeful. Rather than rejecting the life God has for you in cynicism, God is empowering you to accept life in his joy, equipping you to grow in it in his peace, and encouraging you to thrive in it in his love.

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