The Secret Place

We’re all outward expressions of our inward agreements. The innermost part of your soul is where you establish the beliefs you’ve processed throughout the experiences of your life. For many, it becomes a cave to hide in, a fortress to war from, or a makeup room to put on the mask of the day.

But this place was made to be your peaceful, powerful, and purposeful inner sanctum. It’s a holy, healing, and genuinely happy place, where you can sit with Jesus each day in beautiful chairs of grace and truth, discovering how he sees you, your relationships, and circumstances.

The message you’re conveying with your life isn’t just a reflection of the core of your heart, it’s the overflow of your relationship with the one you’re meeting there.

“Those who live in the secret place with the Lord Most High will find rest in his all-powerful protection” (Psalm 91:1, paraphrase).

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