A Step

I felt like there may be someone who needs this today:

You’re hurt, angry, and bitter. This was not the life you signed up for, certainly not the spiritual panacea they promised at church. You’ve experienced pain, disappointment, and loss on a scale you didn’t think possible, and you find yourself at a crossroads of a life, either in distant resentment of God, or in a stone-cold cynicism that could consume your faith altogether.

Your pain is real, and needs attended to. But don’t let negativity choose your mindset or set your path. What happened to you may have had nothing to do with your choices, but what happens next does. You have the power to choose thankfulness for the good you’ve had, rather than bitterness at what you’ve lost. It’s the difference between chaining yourself to the past, or taking a step onto the water.

No matter how terrible things may seem, search for the beauty. It’s there. He’s there. In every person, in every circumstance, in every season, there is God-breathed treasure to be found. Don’t quit. This isn’t about keeping you as a faithful, tithing member of a church. This is so much bigger than religion. This is about your identity—about who you’re going to be, and how you’re going to live.

Stop for a moment. Take a deep breath. Take another. Now quiet your heart and listen for God’s voice. He’s right there with you, and has been wanting to tell you how much he loves you. One moment in his presence can bless you with all the grace, healing, peace, joy, wisdom, and hope you need to deal with everything around you. Take his hand, then take a step.

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