Living Worthy

“Live a life worthy of the calling you’ve received” (Eph. 4:1b).

What does it mean to live “worthy?” That seems so religious, performance-driven, exhausting, and frankly, impossible. But I think it means something different, something important and life-giving. To me it says this day will never come again, and if I want to live it fully, I need to be as intentional and purposeful with it as I can. That means continually listening for Jesus’ voice in my heart, so I can be fully present in each moment, and live my identity to its God-breathed potential.

Living worthy means letting go of whatever wants to chain me to the past, and walking toward who he says I’m becoming in him. It’s rejecting any temptation to be less than God sees me as, and choosing to immerse myself in his love, grace, goodness, peace, hope, and joy, and determining to give them away regardless of what’s happening around me.

Perhaps “living worthy” still does sound a little religious, but I still hope you live today worthy—completely equipped, encouraged, and empowered by Jesus’ transforming love, and the infinite worth he holds you in.

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