Remembering to Rejoice

“I will rejoice.” I WILL rejoice. It’s a choice. God knows your difficult circumstances, but he delights to show you all that’s available to deal brilliantly with them, beginning with choosing joy.

Rejoicing isn’t a religious mask that hides disappointment and heartache. It’s a mindset which refuses to let pain determine your thoughts and feelings, because it’s so preoccupied with God’s grace and goodness. Rejoicing is the expression your permanent state of joy in Jesus. That state doesn’t live in worry of what others might do, or in self-pity because of what they’ve done. Rejoicing allows God to heal what’s been broken in the past, and empowers you to walk forward with him in ever-increasing wholeness.

Remember that God knows you, including all your mistakes and failures. He also knows they don’t define you, and is determined you know it also. Trust him for all you need today to take another step toward transforming into the truly joyful person he’s created you to be.

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