Your New What-Ifs

This is a really good day to trade in your “What-ifs.” “What if I fail?” “What if there’s not enough?” “What if they reject me?” “What if something bad happens?” “What if I get hurt?” “What if I lose something more?” Each one can trigger an endless black hole of soul-crushing anxiety and depression.

What if . . . you change the way you view your life? What if instead of looking at yourself through fear and pain, you see who you truly are in Jesus’ truth and grace? What would your new “What-ifs” be?

What if God knows your circumstances better than you, and not one thing in your life has him worried, anxious, or stressed?

What if he has more than enough grace, wisdom, provision, and blessing for you to deal with everything in your life?

What if he has a brilliant life strategy for you to discover with him?

What if he’s already factored in all your mistakes and failures, and you’re not actually behind at all?

What if Jesus really does love you just because he loves you, and wants to empower, equip, and encourage you to make this one of the best days of your life?

Take a little time to ask God about your new “What-ifs,” until his answers become your identity.

“The Lord is always with me, therefore I never need to live in fear of anyone. I will not die in this state of anxiety. I’m going to live, and tell of all God has done. He has made this day, and I choose to be joyful and come alive in it” (Psalm 118:6, 17, 24, paraphrase).

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