Boundaries vs Walls

Emotional boundaries are relational mindsets you build with God to help you stay joyfully aware of your identity, keep you peacefully in charge of your intimacy, and guide you in loving resistance to the toxicity of others.

But emotional walls are relational barriers, built with fear, pain, and anger to hide from God’s invitations to transform your identity, renew your intimacy, and deal with your bitterness.

If you’re not sure which you’ve been building, ask God to bless someone who’s rejected you, used you, or even hates you. If you’re able to quickly agree with what God speaks to your heart about how to bless that person, you probably have a pretty healthy mindset. But if the thought of blessing that person raises your blood pressure until your head pops off, you should probably ask Jesus to spend some time with you to deal with it. And to bring a couple of sledge hammers.

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