Box Burning

You are who God says you are. Don’t downgrade your joy, your dreams, your faith, or your relationships to conform to what fear is saying about them. Every time you agree with a negative view of your life, you stuff your identity into ever–shrinking boxes to protect yourself from being hurt by what might go wrong. Every day those boxes have less and less room for God’s truth, love, grace, hope, joy, and freedom. There’s barely enough room for frustrated obedience to religious expectations.

Get rid of the boxes. Burn them. You do that by not allowing yourself to see today from anything less than God’s point of view–not yourself, your family, job, coworkers, house, car, or even your bills. Make decisions based on his peace and joy, rather than on just pros and cons. Look for all the ways God is showing you his goodness and blessing, instead of looking for everything that could go wrong.

You don’t need to tell me how difficult this seems. I know. I’m a recovering what-might-go-wrong addict. But in God’s grace, you can do it. Let your joy be determined by his infinite delight in you, instead of by the limits of what others think you’ve performed well enough to be joyful about. You are who God says you are.

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