More Than Enough

The more pain, anxiety, and sadness that press in, the greater grace, peace, and joy that are available to overwhelm them. I can’t prove that. I can cite scriptures and share some of my story with you, but it’s still always going to come down to your choices.

You choose whether to hoard your pain and offenses, or to make room for God to express his grace and truth.

You choose whether to rehearse what’s gone wrong and could go wrong, or to practice thankfulness for the good things in your life and the blessings you’ve experienced.

You choose whether the judgments and fears of others will determine how you see yourself, or if you’ll instead believe who God is saying you are, and who he wants to be for you and through you.

Ask Jesus that right now. Ask him who he wants to be for you—what part of his character and nature he wants to demonstrate in and through you today. Let him displace every anxious and bitter thought by filling your heart with hope and joy, and your mind with grace and peace. I know this all might sound corny, but sometimes God’s corny is exactly what’s needed to defeat the enemy’s hate.

“But Jesus said to me, ‘My grace is more than enough for you, for when you’re weak, I’ll always give you the strength you need.’ Once I understood that, I quit obsessing over my problems, and joyfully focused on letting Christ strengthen my life” (2 Corinthians 12:9, paraphrase).

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