Take Another Step

“Every place on which you step I have given to you” (Joshua 1:3).

This was the promise given to Israel, but they only ever lived in about a third of the area God told them they could have. They never fully occupied the gift, and often chose to walk off on their own, facing enemies, obstacles, and their own fears without God, leaving his strength, grace, and love behind.

There are days you may feel like quitting—when you’re overwhelmed, exhausted, and stretched beyond your limits. But please, don’t give up, and don’t go anywhere without God. His promises for you are so amazing, even when you can’t see or feel them. He’s not left you, not for one moment, and would love to walk and talk with you, teaching you to fully live in every one of those promises, and healing, strengthening, equipping, and loving you as you go.

Every battle needs to be fought from a state of peace and rest in God, or it’s going to be just you against the world, which is all kinds of frustrating and exhausting. Remember peace begins with the Prince of Peace. The enemy is terrible at faking peace, and you’ll know quickly when you’re facing a lie from him, rather than the kind of genuine wholeness and confidence Jesus gives you. No matter what you’re facing, in him you have all the calm, hope, energy, wisdom, patience, joy, and faith you’ll need to overcome it.

Take a good deep breath. Have another. Now let Jesus speak to your heart about how he sees you and all your circumstances. Let him reset your mind, and strengthen your heart, until you can see yourself, everyone, and everything with the same grace and love he does.

Take another step.

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