Life is pretty frightening and frustrating right now. I have two choices. I can let fear and resentment have their way—give in and let them redefine how I think and feel about everyone and everything, including myself. That might isolate me in paranoia and self-pity, but at least I know those walls will protect me.

Or, I can overwhelm and displace them by opening a door to a greater reality: “What are you saying about this, Lord? How do you want me to see you, myself, and all of this? What part are you giving me to help overcome it?”

Everything God speaks, through his word and to your heart, is like breaking the dam on a river, washing away fear and doubt. He will flood your heart and mind with his thoughts toward you, overwhelming fear, hopelessness, and uncertainty with love, joy, and peace. That’s why the enemy tries so hard to get you to focus on the pain, and not on Jesus: he knows the lies he tries to fill your head with are fragile, and can be shattered by one word from the Lord.

“The earth is still filled with hardships and sorrows, so I’m speaking to your heart to fill it with my peace. You can face anything this world throws at you with joyful courage, because I’ve already overcome the whole world” (John 16:33, paraphrase).

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