Peace is Your DNA

Just as a dashboard light can warn you something’s wrong with your engine, frustration can be a warning something’s wrong with your peace. For anyone struggling to keep your heart and mind at peace through all this, and before throwing more anger and anxiety at it, just a thought: You know peace is a state, but don’t forget who governs that state.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace—it’s an innate part of his character, nature, and kingdom. And you’re his completely loved and celebrated royal child. Peace is in your spiritual DNA.

Ask him to help you live your life from that incredible peace, a peace immersed in your Father’s healing, rest, kindness, hope, wisdom, patience, and joy. This crazy season is full of opportunities to grow in all of those and give them away in the same peace God is loving you with.

“For the kingdom of God is . . . righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Romans 14:17).

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