A Little More Grace

In the book of Zechariah, the high priest was completely overwhelmed with the task of rebuilding the broken and empty temple. An angel tells him it can’t be accomplished with wealth or power, but only with the Holy Spirit. He says to speak “Grace, Grace” over all they’re doing as a declaration of that (4:6-10).

Today, you’re not allowing the anxiety of all this rule your mind and heart. You’re not stressing about what’s happened, or what might be next (i.e. murder hornets). You’re not over-analyzing problems or over-reacting to people. And you’re not letting fear tell you what is and isn’t possible.

What you are doing today is soaking in God’s grace. Grace is the empowerment to be all he says you are, the equipping to do all he says can be done, and the encouragement to live each day in his faith, hope, and love.

Receive God’s grace for what he wants to break through, how he wants to build, and who he wants to bless. Speak grace over all of it, grace for yourself and everyone in your life. Live in grace to overcome fear with overwhelming love.

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