One Thing

Sometimes, all I know is that Jesus loves me, and I love him.

That probably reads really hokey. But this is my reset button, the truth I start over from when nothing else around me make sense.

God is fully invested in your relationships and circumstances, and entirely committed to growing your identity as you walk with him through it all. Some days you know that, and it’s not that hard to do. But then there are days all you can hear is “Trust me.” These are the most important of moments, when you decide who’s going to be in control, and how you’re going to view and relate to the world.

Let go of any worry, despair, bitterness, and self-pity from your heart and mind. Ask him to replace them with peace, hope, grace, and joy.

Hold out your hand until you know in your heart he’s holding it. Let yourself feel the awe and majesty of his presence. Sometimes, all you really know is that Jesus loves you, and you love him.

And that’s more than enough to start moving forward again.

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