The Grand Re-Opening

Just a thought about re-opening churches.

There’s a political spirit which loves to control, and seems to take particular delight in constraining and coercing people of faith. But there’s also a religious spirit, which loves provoking people of faith to react to the political. It focuses on rights, tradition, and finances, and doesn’t bother seeking God for humility, wisdom, and grace. And the kicker is that these spirits aren’t opposites. They both work for the same boss: fear.

I want churches to be open too. It’s important to worship together, even in some kind of social distance. And there’s no doubt the political spirit is out of its own control in places. But if churches haven’t learned through all this that faith, hope, and love don’t require a physical building, then they shouldn’t open the doors until they do.

There’s a greater gift to be opened right now. God is showing his church ways to connect, bless, teach, grow, and influence in more far-reaching ways than a couple of hours on a Sunday.

Just a thought.

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