The One Thing

Every one of us have experienced heartache. But my experiences have convinced me that for every negative event, there’s a far more powerful positive one attached to it. When there’s pain, powerlessness, or a problem, God provides grace, strength, and revelation to overcome the power it’s had over your heart and mind, and to accelerate you in the opposite way the negative one meant to contain you.

Remember how much God loves you. No matter who tries to hurt, reject, or judge you, Jesus loves you infinitely more, and won’t ever stop. I know that may seem the most basic, childlike thing I’ve ever written. I suppose it is. It’s also the most important. No matter what I’m going through, his love is my reset button.

Without God’s love, nothing good happens. Corrupt minds and bitter hearts seek to rule over others with ever-increasing cruelty and callousness. But in his love, every life is a piece of the most beautiful and important music ever created. Love is the best thing we do, because it’s what God created us for.

Thankfulness is a powerful ally of love. When you feel far from love, thankfulness will always help you get back. Thank God for every good thing in your life. Thank him until you can feel his affection for you break through the walls around your heart and mind. Let the loving kindness in every word he speaks wash over your thoughts and emotions until they replace every fear, pain, and rejection with love, joy, and peace. Let this become your sanctuary, the place you go to reset your soul.

“God told them, “I’ve never quit loving you, and never will. Expect love, love, and more love” (Jer. 31:3, MSG).

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