Checking Your Peace

Take some time to recognize if you’re letting what you believe in become more important than who you believe in. Your circumstances, struggles, and even your goals can control and redefine your life, far outside how God really sees you.

Check your peace. Peace isn’t just an absence of conflict. Peace is your powerful state in Jesus, the reality of his rest, wholeness, perspective, and presence in your life. It’s the ultimate defense against the enemy, because he has no answer for it. He can’t intimidate, manipulate, or corrupt anyone who lives in God’s peace.

If you’ve lost your peace, it’s usually because you’ve stopped letting God be your source. Peace that depends on circumstances, or on what others do or don’t do, is going to get broken quickly.

Let God speak to your heart about who he wants to be for you today, and how he sees you. Take enough time for your heart and mind to get reset in his peace, a peace that grows stronger every time you let him define and deal with your circumstances.

“I’m imparting my peace to you—not the unstable peace the world offers, but my perfect peace, that makes you whole and secure. Live in it, so your minds won’t be troubled, and your hearts won’t be afraid” (John 14:27, paraphrase).

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